A/T-X KU-257 - Terra Raider Tires

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Terra Raider

Features and Benefits

The Terra Raider AT-X is the Only Tire You Will Need To Explore Planet Earth From its Tropical Rain Forests to its Severe Cold Poles!

The Terra Raider AT-X is the Integrated Art and Science of Traction Design & Technology!

The Terra Raider AT-X is the World’s First Science & Art Fully Integrated Wraparound Innovative Next Generation LTR Tire!

The Terra Raider AT-X is Designed with Groundbreaking Variable Inflation Pressure (VIP) Tire Technology (US Patent Pending)!

Xtreme A/T Contact Center – The Ultimate Balance Of Friction Traction in A/T Center Contact Zone With Enhanced 3PMSF Cohesive Traction

Technology for Braking and Cornering Under with Normal Inflation Pressure.

Aggressive M/T Round Shoulders – Air Down For Paddle Traction with High Flotation & Compliance Traction In Mud, Deep Snow, and Ice.


Patented Unique MountainGrip Wraparound Sidewalls – Extended Wide Open and Flexible Contact Patch Traction with Flotation at Very Low Pressure

3-Ply Carcass with Cut & Chip Resistant Compounding For Extra Protection against Road Hazards both ON and OFF ROAD

Dakar Rally Race Ready

Specifically Designed To Integrate With DOT Beadlock Wheel In The Art & Beauty Of Rotation Symmetry

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