KT848984 - 18x9.50-8 - LG02 - Transporter Tires

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18x9.50-8 - Transporter LG02

Item Number: KT848984
Size: 18x9.50-8
Ply: 4

Tire Partners of Texas is proud to offer Transporter brand tires to Dallas, TX. We are confident that the LG02 tire will be a great fit for your vehicle. We offer tires in size 18x9.50-8 and many other sizes, so please contact us for more information! Ask for item number KT848984 if you would like the item on this page.

Features and Benefits of Item #KT848984

The LG02 Turf Trac tire is the right approach for those specialized applications where high flotation and turf preservation is essential. With a wide, flat footprint and reduced void in the tread it offers maximum turf protection. LG02 Turf Trac tires are most often utilized on golf and grounds maintenance equipment.
Wide with a flat footprint and reduced void in the tread to preserve turf
Low ground pressure and good traction for turf preservation
Even pressure distribution in profile

  • Transporter
  • Delium
  • Trazano.