KT101076 - ST225/75D15 - ST100 Bias Trailer - Transporter Tires

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ST100 Bias Trailer

ST225/75D15 - Transporter ST100 Bias Trailer

Item Number: KT101076
Size: ST225/75D15
Ply: 8

Tire Partners of Texas is proud to offer Transporter brand tires to Dallas, TX. We are confident that the ST100 Bias Trailer tire will be a great fit for your vehicle. We offer tires in size ST225/75D15 and many other sizes, so please contact us for more information! Ask for item number KT101076 if you would like the item on this page.

Features and Benefits of Item #KT101076

ST100 features a radial look with bias construction. The tread profile and formulation creates lower rolling resistance. Often used for towable utility and boat trailers, the ST100 tire is long-lasting for a safe travel.

Product highlights:

Tread and contour design for increased endurance and reduced heat build-up
Lower rolling resistance
Rugged sidewall and enhanced weather resistance

  • Transporter
  • Delium
  • Trazano.