3TT654 - 11R22.5 - TR-402 - Transporter Tires

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11R22.5 - Transporter TR-402

Item Number: 3TT654
Size: 11R22.5
Ply: 16

What do you get when you purchase Transporter tires from Tire Partners of Texas? You get exceptional service, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer support. We are proud to offer our products and services to Dallas, TX! Contact us and find out why we are the number one provider of 11R22.5 size tires (and every other size!)

Features and Benefits of Item #3TT654

Rib Closed Shoulder Rib Tread Design
Advanced 4 Belt Construction
Advanced Groove Cross-Section Design
Stone Ejector Groove Design
Solid Shoulder Rib
Block Style Center Ribs
TriplePrime Tread Pattern Technology
Center Groove Design
Common Casing to AP-268
26/32nds Tread Depth
Advanced Premium Rubber Compounding

  • Transporter
  • Delium
  • Trazano.